Taking R to the Limit, Part I - Parallelization in R

Tuesday night I had the opportunity to present on high performance computing in R, and the Los Angeles R Users’ Group. There was so much to talk about that I had to split my talk into two parts. The first part was parallelization and the second part will be big data (and a bit left over from parallelization including Hadoop).

My slides are posted on SlideShare, and available for download here.

Taking R to the Limit (High Performance Computing in R), Part 1 — Parallelization, LA R Users' Group 7/27/

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The corresponding demonstration code is here.

Topics included:

snowfall and sfCluster
brief mention of CUDA and GPUs

Video of the presentation with my commentary:

The video was created with Vara ScreenFlow and I am very happy with how easy it is to use and how painless editing was.

For Part 2, Large Datasets in R, click here.