40 Fascinating Blogs for the Ultimate Statistics Geek!

I am happy to report that ByteMining is listed on “40 Fascinating Blogs for the Ultimate Statistics Geek”!

Some of the ones that I frequently read, or are written by Twitter friends/followers (in no particular order):

R-bloggers, an aggregate site containing blog posts tagged as posts about R. High quality content.
Statistical modeling, causal inference and social science. This one is a no brainer, as it is the blog for Andrew Gelman‘s group.
FlowingData by Nathan Yau (@flowingdata), fellow Statistics Ph.D. student at UCLA. Focuses on the data and information visualization side of Data Science.
dataists by Hilary Mason (@hmason, bit.ly), Vince Buffalo (@vsbuffalo, UC Davis),
Drew Conway (@drewconway, NYU), Mike Dewar (@mikedewar, Columbia),
John Myles White (@johnmyleswhite, Princeton) and others.
A new blog on several aspects of Data Science including Data Mining, visualization and uses of Statistics in current events. Heavy use of R and ggplot2.
Revolutions by Revolution Analytics provides a variety of content around R, Data Science and Statistics in general.
FiveThirtyEight by Nate Silver shares sophisticated modeling and analysis of elections and government happenings. It is in a different realm, as it attracts political news junkies (and the occasional extremist) rather than just Statisticians.
LoveStats by Annie Pettit, Ph.D. (@LoveStats) discusses Statistics as used in Social […]