Welcome to my new blog, Byte Mining! Data is all around us, all the time. It flows in from places you would least expect it, and more times that not, it remains in its original form untouched by human and machine. When data simply flows in and out of our lives, we miss out on the story that it tells us, and the clues that it provides to help solve our mysteries.

We humans are becoming more and more astute to the data that we exude and how we release it. There are two side effects to this – concerns for privacy is one. The second is that people are aware that their data is out there for consumption. In other words, people are no longer astonished when they realize how much of their data is readily available either publicly or to particular entities. This is a weight off of my back because I no longer get weird looks when I mention some tidbit of information I learned about someone to them on Facebook or MySpace. No, I am not a stalker, I was just more appreciative, or aware, of data ubiquity much quicker than most people my age, and […]