Advanced Graphics in R


Each quarter the UCLA Statistical Consulting Center hosts minicourses twice per week in R and LaTeX. Tonight was my turn to present.

I presented Advanced Graphics in R. This was the same presentation I gave at the LA R Users’ Group in August will a fellow consultant. She and I had trouble coming together to make one presentation, so we shared our outlines, and we deemed her outline was deemed “Intermediate Graphics in R” with some ggplot, and mine was deemed “Advanced.” It seems to work.

My slides are here, and the handout version is here. The corresponding code is here.

Topics include:

  • Customizing graphics with par parameters
  • Using attributes of graphic objects
  • Basic graphics devices
  • Math typesetting for R graphics.
  • an example of a movie (here, but there is some funkiness with it)

Many think that “advanced” graphics would be lattice or ggplot. We chose to address those packages in their own minicourses.

My advisor gave me some good advice on writing R code that fits well in Beamer slides and lstlisting:

  • use local variables and introduce them.
  • don’t use function names as variable names (I violated this one here).

6 comments to Advanced Graphics in R

  • Nice work Ryan,
    I learnt a lot, though I still think ggplot is a better fit for my simpler needs.
    ( And am surprised to see R can together a movie, what can’t it do ?!?! 😛 )

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  • Robert Werz

    I must say, I’m VERY impressed! It makes me want to make a movie presentation too using R (although I might want to learn FIRST how to use graphics in R).

    Really nice. And I never knew that some parameters could be customizable. I think I should keep a copy of the handout/s given on the discussion, as this will be important later on for my study.

  • Valerie

    Nice work there! Great discussion of the different things R can do. The handouts are pretty informative too (I downloaded it and read it).


  • Kate Montgomery

    I missed your presentation in the user’s groupback in Agugust and I was glad to see your blog about the graphics R. I have been raring to learn more about this and use this as my tool. Your handout and slides would really help me in my study and I do hope that I won’t have a hard time learning this.

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